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Nature Lover

The natural world, with all its incredible and compelling beauty, has always captivated me. I feel especially fulfilled when I'm out of doors and love doing things like working with the soil, tending a garden, basking in the sunshine, feeling a breeze across my skin, listening to the sounds of the earth, and being surrounded by Nature. I've also always loved all kinds of animals, but most particularly cats.

My Journey of Discovery

When I adopted a couple of kittens back in 2005 and began researching how to feed my new furry friends a raw diet, little did I know that I was about to embarked upon what would become both a serendipitous and illuminating journey of learning and discovery.

Within weeks after bringing them home, my young kitties started eating a diet of whole raw foods. And as time went by I began to see that they were thriving on their raw diet.

As I learned about how cats' bodies are designed and what sort of food they were truly born to eat, my understanding about how our pets should really be fed became ever clearer. And when I discovered the shocking truth about how most all conventional pet foods are manufactured, my insights into the bigger picture in terms of what’s really behind the disturbing decline in health in recent times among so many of our beloved pet cats and dogs became ever deeper.

Before long I was feeling a growing confidence about raw feeding and was feeling more determined than ever to care for my cats as holistically and naturally as possible. This was in large part due to the fact that I was getting a real education, not only about the horrors, corruption and greed behind the commercial pet food industry, but also about the untold dangers of commonly accepted allopathic veterinary practices such as the overuse of vaccines, insecticidal medications and pharmaceuticals. The incredible amount of damage being done to the health of generations of companion animals as a result of these combined issues was a revelation to me.

Creating a Resource

The more I began to connect the dots with respect to animal health, the more I found myself wishing that there was a comprehensive resource where people could go to learn what I was discovering, so that they too could understand how and why to confidently raise and feed their pets more naturally and holistically. I felt there ought to be place where animal lovers could access the kind of information they would need to begin putting the pieces together so as to better comprehend the underlying reasons why we’re seeing such an explosive epidemic of chronic degenerative disease in the domestic pet population these days. It felt important that clear, easy to read information be made available to people so they could better understand what sort of practical steps they could take to either prevent their own pets from succumbing to chronic illness, or to help those animals that were already sick to get better – naturally.

I created this website to be just such a resource, and subsequently compiled my Raw Fed Cats E-Book, using many of the hundreds of correspondences I've exchanged with my readers over the years, to augment and build upon the foundational information laid out on this site.

It’s my hope that after reading the material I've put together you’ll not only be better informed, but also more inspired than ever to feed and care for your pets as naturally as possible.



For more than 4 years since Raw Fed Cats first went online I have devoted many hundreds of hours of my own personal time, free of charge, to answering emails in detail and coaching people on transitioning their cats to a raw diet. However more recently, due to time constraints, I am no longer able to continue offering this service. Instead I'm now available for consultation by phone or skype only.

Please click here to schedule a CONSULTATION.

If you have a question about feeding your cat a diet of raw food, I encourage you to read through all the different pages on this website, as you may very well find the answers to many of your questions already laid out here.

Since there is a considerable amount of information contained on this site to read and absorb about the basic foundations of raw feeding, if you would prefer to read this material offline, at your convenience in a text document, you have the option to download my 50 page RAW FED CATS COMPLETE WEBSITE TEXT PDF.

Many more in depth questions and their answers can be found in my downloadable RAW FED CATS E-BOOK. This 165 page volume contains an extensive A-Z FAQ section compiled from the best, most commonly asked questions posed to me since this website was created, along with my detailed responses.


Please feel free to EMAIL me at this address: rawfedcats(at)yahoo.com {replace (at) with @}


Thank you so very much for visiting my website!


Linda Zurich

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Although a diet of whole raw foods based on Nature's prey model is the most natural, healthy way for our carnivorous companion animals to eat, it is not a cure-all for any or all ailments, nor should it be considered as such. If your pet is ill you are advised to seek out the services of a professional pet health care provider. The material contained on this website is the author's opinion and is shared for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing written herein is intended or should be considered as veterinary advice, and the author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse by the reader of this information.

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