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The Natural Raw Diet

If you’ve found your way here, perhaps it’s because you’ve become disillusioned or alienated by all the pet food recalls that have been going on in recent years. Or maybe you have a cat that's suffering from some kind of ailment, and you’re considering switching him or her from a diet of commercial food to a more natural, healthful diet of fresh raw food. Perhaps you’ve just adopted or purchased a new kitten or are considering getting one in the near future, and are interested in giving your new friend the best possible start in life by feeding him or her a raw diet. Or maybe you’ve discovered how beneficial feeding a raw diet is for your dog, but are not quite sure how to go about switching your cat to raw food.

Whatever has led you to this website, chances are you’re looking for information, answers and guidance so that you can find out how to help your cat live a longer, healthier life, and you’ve realized what a key role diet plays in this respect.

This website has been designed to provide informative and practical assistance to people like you, who are ready to transition their cats to a healthier diet - one that is based on Nature's own way of feeding her carnivorous felines.


Cats Are Carnivores

Many of us, although we may have had cats as pets for most if not all of our lives, have failed to realize one very important thing about them – the fact that all cats are, by their very nature, born carnivores. Indeed cats are actually obligate carnivores, which essentially means that the nutrition they require to thrive must come from the meat, organs and bones of the bodies of other animals. And because of the cat’s particular anatomical and physiological design, the most ideal and natural way for them to consume that flesh and bone is in its raw state. This really does make very good sense once we stop to think about it. Because what other feline – much less any other carnivore in the world - ever consumes its prey cooked? The answer of course is that in Nature, this simply does not occur. Eating cooked food is not truly natural for cats, but eating raw food is!


Key Causes of Chronic Illness

So is it any wonder that carnivorous companion animals that consume nothing but an unnatural diet of cooked, over-processed canned and kibbled products their entire lives may well suffer some significant health complications as a result?

And when such inferior, inappropriate diets are compounded by regular applications of things like toxic pesticides in the form of flea, tick and heartworm medications, combined with the over-administering of vaccines, which often do more harm than good, a picture begins to emerge illustrating some of the key reasons why there is such an explosive epidemic of chronic degenerative disease occurring in today’s domesticated pet population.


A Well Balanced Internal Terrain Creates a Healthy Immune System

The basic wisdom that many people are beginning to realize today about their own bodies in terms of the foundations of good health and the root causes of disease, most definitely applies to our furry friends as well. Just as the good health of our human bodies is best supported by a diet of whole, fresh, minimally processed foods along with a minimum of toxins and stress, so do the bodies of our cats and dogs stand the best chance of maintaining their good health when provided with these same factors.

When it comes to ill health, the prevailing assumption of modern medicine is that it’s primarily external pathogens (in the form of things like viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeasts and funguses etc.) which are the sole culprits at the root of all disease. For the most part, the only solutions generally offered by conventional medicine involve attempts to suppress the ailing body’s symptoms, and extinguish the allegedly guilty microbes through the use of things like drugs, surgery and radiation.

And yet when we begin to think outside the box of the prevailing conventional wisdom and more carefully consider the root causes that lie behind good health and ill health, there is a deeper, more abiding and holistic truth at work - one which ancient healers have known and understood for ages uncounted. This ageless wisdom tells us that it is the condition of the internal terrain of the body which determines, in large part, whether or not chronic disease will arise. Specifically, it is the presence or lack thereof of certain key components, in particular, proper nourishment, toxicity and undue stress, which are some of the most pivotal factors influencing whether or not any pathogens are capable of overwhelming body’s natural immune defenses and causing ill health.

A body that is well nourished and free of toxins and undue stress is a body whose internal terrain is well balanced. This kind of equilibrium automatically gives rise to an immune system that's healthy and strong and able to function at peak performance to protect the body from succumbing to chronic illness.

One of the most vital keys to bear in mind when it comes to one's health is that it is the proper functioning, or lack thereof, of the body's natural immune system that ultimately determines one's susceptibility to degenerative disease.


Cats Are What They Eat

Since it's become abundantly clear to virtually every person on the planet that ‘we are what we eat,’ it goes without saying that this same adage most certainly applies to our pets as well. Just as is the case with human beings, the role diet plays is without a doubt key to any animal’s good health. And when it comes to cats, looking to the way Mother Nature herself has been feeding felines for eons, and providing them with a diet of whole raw foods, is surely the most natural and healthy approach we can possibly take.


Recipe for a Long Healthy Life

A diet of whole, minimally processed, nourishing foods and minimal exposure to toxins, combined with a lack of undue stress, along with plenty of playtime, exercise, and access to fresh air, water and sunshine, topped off with loads and loads of love, is one of the best recipes for ensuring the good health and long lives of our feline friends.

The aim of this website is to encourage people to keep this recipe in mind, and to provide them with information on the critical importance of a proper diet of whole raw foods, in combination with a more natural, holistic approach to caring for our cats. Offered here is information and practical tools for transitioning cats to a natural diet of whole raw foods, in the hope that this will help folks make the best, most natural and healthful choices on behalf of their beloved animal companions.


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Although a diet of whole raw foods based on Nature's prey model is the most natural, healthy way for our carnivorous companion animals to eat, it is not a cure-all for any or all ailments, nor should it be considered as such. If your pet is ill you are advised to seek out the services of a professional pet health care provider. The material contained on this website is the author's opinion and is shared for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing written herein is intended or should be considered as veterinary advice, and the author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse by the reader of this information.

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