A raw diet is what nature intended for cats and a dry kibble diet is what the pet food industry intended instead. Your cat depends upon you to provide her all the necessary nutrition she needs every day, but if you give her unhealthy food she has no choice but to eat it even if it is bad for her!

Therefore, you are the one who needs to make this decision for your cat, do you want to continue feeding her 100% processed food that’s full of chemicals or do you want to give her a wholesome raw food diet that will increase and improve her life?

What Pet Industry Focuses On?

The pet food industry knows that you are the one they need to manipulate to get to your cat and that is why they spend more money on advertisements, product images, attractive packaging and artificial coloring than they do on providing your cat a healthy, wholesome diet. They spray their dry kibble with artificial fats to make it palatable otherwise your cat won’t even eat it. They want to hook your cat to an addictive unhealthy food to make you buy their product again and again.

Cats are not biologically designed to eat all the greens and grains that are stuffed into most of the commercial cat food products. These vegetables and grains fill domestic cats with carbohydrates which their bodies have very little need for. They need over 90% of their energy from proteins, but since carbohydrates are a cheap source of energy that’s what your cat will be getting because cat food manufacturers only want to increase their profits.

Cat Food And Obesity!

High carbohydrate diets are the leading cause of obesity in cats. It does not matter to the commercial cat food manufacturers that almost 60% of cats in the U.S. and over 50% in the U.K. are overweight or obese due to bad nutrition! Moreover, whatever meat is there in commercial pet food is sourced from dead, diseased and disabled animals, the kind of meat you would never willingly buy for your cat, but you do buy it because you are deceived by their packaging and advertisements.

Obesity is tragically bad for cats because it deprives them of their joy of living and puts them at an increased risk of suffering from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, osteoarthritis, bladder stones, cancer, and ultimately an early death! Several scientific studies have shown that a dry kibble diet leads to overfeeding, overeating, and lower water intakes that causes dehydration and drastic weight gain in cats.

Raw Food Diets

Raw food diets are the easiest solution to all these terrible problems caused by commercial cat food. If your cat lived in the wild, raw food is what she would be feeding herself. Even domestic cats, when they are young and active, are prone to hunting rats and birds for amusement because they enjoy hunting and eating raw meat. This is the food that nature has designed for them to keep fit.

It’s not too late, you can restore your cat’s health if you overcome your doubts and start feeding her a wholesome raw food diet. Not only will this keep your cat in good health but it will also reduce the amount you spend on feeding her every day. You will also no longer be spending too much money in fees to your vet for the health problems caused by commercial pet food. Not just that, it will also reduce the suffering your cat has to go through and increase her chances of living a long and happy life.

Switching To Raw Food Diet

You have your doubts because they are planted in your head by the pet food industry. They want you to think that you won’t have the time for preparing food for your cat, that raw food preparation will take too much work and money, and that the benefits won’t be worth the headache you will have to suffer. You will think that your cat will be too fussy and will refuse to eat raw food, that it may be bad for her teeth, and yada yada yada. But don’t worry, these claims are all false and baseless.

Switching to a raw food diet for your cat is simple. There are four main components that must be present in any raw food diet for an adult cat — fresh meat, ground bones, organs, and a few vegetables for the vitamins and minerals that every cat needs. If your cat is not allergic to milk products then you can add those to this list as well for another good source of calcium and protein in their diets. Nothing fancy and nothing too expensive.

Here are the tools you will need for preparing raw food for your cat’s consumption: sharp knives for slicing the meat, cutting board, food processor for making a paste from raw meats and vegetables, storage containers that are airtight for preserving the food in the freezer, and a meat grinder for grinding chicken, fish, pork and lamb bones. If you don’t want to purchase a meat grinder then you may have to source ground bones from your local butcher. That’s it, if you have these tools, then you’re all set!

Purchasing raw meat and vegetables should not be difficult. For vegetables, you can try your local farmers’ market and you can buy your meat wholesale from a butcher to get a special discount to further drive down your costs. If you don’t know any wholesalers of meat in your area then check with a local restaurant and they should be able to order extra raw meat for your cat from their sources if you can strike a deal with them.

It is not difficult to make the switch from your cat’s current diet to a raw food diet. The first and the most important step is to let your cat miss one meal and when she is really worked up with hunger at the next mealtime feed her some delicious raw chicken and bones paste you have freshly prepared. Don’t mix any vegetables in the food at first. Let your cat enjoy some of that delicious moist meat. Just make sure that it is fresh and not spoiled. You’d be surprised at how well your cat takes to it!

You don’t even have to phase out the dry kibbles gradually, in fact, that could be counterproductive as it may confuse your cat. It is far better to make the switch cold turkey!

The only reason this may not work is if your cat is already full after eating her dry kibbles when you introduce raw meat to her. That’d be the worst time for you to try feeding any new diet to her! Therefore, we recommend that you make your cat skip one meal before you attempt this.

After feeding your cat raw meat and bones for one week, you need to start introducing some green leafy vegetables and dairy products in the mix. This way your cat would have had some time to adjust to her new diet before having to get used to the taste of raw vegetables in her feed. Just remember that this part of the mix is essential because your cat cannot derive all her daily nutritional requirements from a meat-only diet.

Unlike dry kibble, you cannot leave raw food in your cat’s bowl for more than fifteen minutes. Therefore, you will need to feed her this new diet two times a day. That is the optimal number of meals per day for any adult cat. For kittens, you will need to keep the number of meals per day between 4 to 6, but adult cats don’t need that much food. They only need around 30 calories per pound of their body weight. You can look up the calorie count for every raw ingredient that you are using to measure accurate portion sizes for maintaining your cat’s weight.

Benefits Of Raw Cat Food Diet

Among the many benefits of this new raw food diet, you will notice that your cat’s mouth will no longer smell as bad as it did when she was eating commercial food, even her litter box will be practically odorless compared to before, she will have shiny teeth and will be more active than before, plus there will be a new shine to her fur. In case your cat’s fur is showing any signs of dryness you will need to ensure that the meat you are feeding her has a high-fat content. You could also try switching between different sources of meat to see which one suits your cat the best.

You can be sure that a raw food diet will give your cat a new lease of life. She will become more full of life than she had been or could be with her dry kibble diet. You just need to stay committed to this change of diet and you will see the results in your cat soon enough. Remember this diet is not a temporary new fad that will pass away but is actually the only time tested diet that nature has set for your cat.

Once you see the contentment on your cat’s furry face, you will know that switching to raw food for your cat was totally worthwhile. Knowing that you are saving your cat from all the various dangers of commercial cat food should keep you motivated as well!